Simply the Best Lotto Play Sets to Maximize your Winnings!

  • Maximized coverage of the winning combinations for the numbers played.
  • Using all Integers for the game; no prediction or history nonsense!
  • No duplicate combinations of 2 (if applicable), 3, 4, 5 or 6 Integers.
  • Save your set for later, easy checking for wins
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Step by step guide to using LottoToWin®
by Colin Fairbrother

LottoToWin® covers most of the large, first prize jackpot type Lotto games around the world. It does not include the daily games such as Pick 3 (Cash 3) or Pick 4 as a set of numbers for these games can be easily constructed from my chart Pick 3 Base Numbers 6-Way, 3-Way & 1-Way. Also it does not include Lotto games where you don't have complete control over the numbers you play.

Unlike the unadmitted numerologists and con-artists who claim their product will help you win first prize, LottoToWin® acknowledges that provided your lines of numbers are all different, then each line is just as good as any other and that includes 1 2 3 4 5 6. LottoToWin®, by using all the integers, eliminating duplicate paying subsets and maximizing coverage of the paying subsets for the possible winning numbers increases your average chances of winning the sub prizes arguably beyond that achieved by random selections and totally blitzes most of the Wheels and Covers nonsense that has been promoted since the 1980's by self styled "experts" who I have shown to be expert in only achieving the opposite of that intended. A Cover or Wheel that may give a guaranteed prize for a small Pool but when applied to an actual Lotto game the results over say 50 or 100 draws can be horrifically less
  1. You need to be firstly registered and secondly to have a current subscription to generate numbers . These are both done from the Register or Subscribe menu item. The subscription amount is a token US$5.00 for 1 year which is done through PayPal to protect your confidential information. It enables you to store up to 5 sets of numbers to 50 lines per day, so that you can check for wins when they are drawn.

  2. Lotto Game Parameters can be clicked on under the Help & Info menu item if you are not sure of the configuration of the Lotto game for which you wish to generate some numbers.

  3. To generate your numbers at the Home page select from the Pick, Pool and Line drop down lists. If the Lotto game is PowerBall, EuroMillions, MegaMillions etc then check the Power Type box and select from the drop down list the integers used. You can now click on the Show Combinations button .

  4. To save your number set select a draw date from the calendar then Country, State if applicable and then game type from the drop down lists.

  5. To check for wins you need to be logged in and financial with your subscription. From the Subscribers Only menu item click on Saved Playsets. On this page select the Playset from the drop down list and then the number of Bonus or Power integers. (EuroMillions has 2 Power integers and the Australian Pick 6 games have 2 Bonus integers.) Click on the Show Selections to list your numbers. Enter the relevant draw integers in the boxes making sure to not omit the Power or Bonus number(s). Bear in mind after clicking the Check for Wins button that your Lotto Game may not pay on the win indicated. As a safety measure always keep your tickets and do a manual check in case something was overlooked.

© Colin Fairbrother 2008, All rights reserved.